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Clients of Downe Veterinary Clinic

Rare TV is delighted to be making a second series of "Mountain Vets" for BBC 2. It's an observational documentary, which we film in veterinary practices in and around the Mourne Mountains, in Northern Ireland. One of the practices which features in the series is Downe Veterinary Clinic in Downpatrick.

If you have telephoned DVC, you will have heard a message explaining that as well as filming with the practice, we are recording incoming telephone calls.

Rare Television may contact you to ask permission for the recording of your phone call to be used in the programme. We will only use the recording with your permission. If your call is not used, the recording and any personal data it contains will be deleted.

A privacy notice is available to read here

If you have any further questions, we're very happy to answer them. You can contact us at